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Project Madunice 2020

Project Madunice 2020

The year 2020 is a year of great changes for our Madunice´s warehouse. At the beginning, there was our intention to modernize the warehouse, expand the alleys in the same way as in the DC Senec. In the meantime, our large business partner informed us about the termination of cooperation with us. We approached the situation in the spirit of the motto "Everything bad is good for something". We were honestly preparing for the "Exit Kaufland" event, which took place on the last weekend of June. During this successful event, with the help of a team of warehouse workers, we moved 1,379 pallets of goods from our warehouse to our clients within 20 hours. Great work was done by our experienced drivers, who drove 5120 km during the transport of goods. The event was excellently planned and managed not only in terms of logistics, but also in terms of time. The departure of Kaufland affected all our departments. A great responsibility was and is on the shoulders of the sales department, whose main task at the time was to replace the outgoing client. Our colleagues fulfilled this task and the new client GeLiMa, a.s., already filled "its" warehouse during November.

We used the time and space between the Kaufland´s exit and the arrival of GeLima for the planned construction modifications in the warehouse and its modernization. In the course of half a year, we made a separate warehouse for the client GeLiMa a.s. by moving the shelves between the individual warehouses and also by building modifications and changes in the electrical installation. The shelves in other warehouses are built so that new reach trucks can move safely in the wide aisles between them. Toyota, which replaced the obsolete stackers of the system.

We introduced the elements of automation to receive goods in the form of an automatic receiving conveyor, which since its trial operation in mid-August, now transports 100% of the received pallets to our warehouse. The goods dispatch section is another that required automation. That is why we have placed an expedition conveyor here with an automatic pallet packer, which will transport and pack not only pallets of classic dimensions, but also smaller half-pallets, which are becoming more and more preferred. These days, trial operation of new assistants is underway.

All these changes take place under strict security as well as anti-covid measures. Our colleagues who operate the mentioned automatic lines and machines have been trained by the supplier companies and are sufficiently instructed to be able to use the lines and machines safely.

In addition to the changes in the warehouse, there are also changes on the warehouse too, because in recent months a photovoltaic power plant with solar panels has grown on its roof on an area of 4000 m2. Its operation is scheduled for the beginning of 2021 and we are already very happy to be able to contribute to the reduction of air emissions.

Many thanks to all interested colleagues for their energy and work. Only thanks to your commitment and teamwork we have created a more modern and pleasant working environment for us. So let's get the most out of it!

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