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Process optimization in a different way

Process optimization in a different way

The introduction of new processes in companies is generally not popular. New - at first glance, more complex tasks are introduced into the established work habits of employees, which usually causes a wave of dissatisfaction. However, successful companies must also make progress in this area. We chose a little different way. This is also testified by the email of our colleague from the transport department:

„Hello once again

I just approved a fuel invoices, I only do it through Pilot, it's great!

Actually, everything is done only there, at the end of the month we will make a comparation with SAP.

I´m looking forward to not sending you the reports afterwords.

Best wishes


This email was sent by our colleague after an optimization project to QPC company, which helped us to optimize and streamline administrative work in the transport department. After its completion, the agenda of the department can be processed by three people instead of 4 people before. The project minimized unnecessary activities in their work. Their time is not wasted and they are more efficient.

The success of the project is also underlined by the fact that it was largely implemented in the online environment through MS Teams and was introduced into the work process by a senior colleague. She dealt with the novelty in an exemplary way. Her words of thanks are proof of that. It wanted to "just" get out of its comfort zone, to get to know with and understand the essence of a new idea and to include it in their daily work routine.

We thank our colleagues on transport dept. for a successfully completed project and we wish them a lot of energy for further work!

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