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New cooperation with Cyprian Slovakia

New cooperation with Cyprian Slovakia

Our sales team succesfully concluded several month of negotations wiht our new business partner Cyprian Slovakia s.r.o.

This unique startup project in Slovakia comes to the market with gastro packaging of potatoes always fresh on a plate. These potatoes are grown exclusively in Slovakia, without added chemistry, with preserved nutrient, taste and aroma.

Cyprian offers potatoes in 5 kg´s vacuum packs, cut into small cubes, which are recommended for all types of gastronomic establishments. Potatoes can be used as a side dish, modifiable by all culinary methods and also for the preparation of potato salads and other delicacies.

It also offers potato cuttings chips, which can be used in preparation of potato dough. They simplify the preparation of potato bread, loaves, pies and other delicacies, which are very laborious for processing potatoes.

The uniqueness of these project is in the overall processing of potatoes by an automatic line. Sorting, cleaning, slicing and packaging of potato takes place without contact with the human hand, which ensures their sterility. Potatoes are cooked and cooled by the gentle SOUS - VIDE method. Thanks to this method the potato dough will not dilute and mayonaisse salads will be even more delicious.

We are glad that we have just started a new logistics cooperation with Cyprian and we are their proud partner from the very beginning. Packages of potatoes will be stored in our refrigerated warehouse at the temperature +2 to +7°C, because this temperature is crucial for potatoes to retain their taste and features. We will also cover their distribution to customers.

We believe that Cyprian will have success on our market and our cooperation will be fair and successful too. Good luck Cyprian!

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