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Every one second is important

Every one second is important

Especially when we talk about saving human life in cardiac arrest. For us at HOPI, safety comes first because we appriciate the health and lives of all our colleagues. Therefore we have equipped our 2 largest DC´s with defibrillators.

Lifepak 1000 defibrillators can also be used by the first witnesses of the event, ie people without medical education, and use the first minutes to rescue the patient until the ambulance arrives. The defibrillator gives verbal instructions to the user in the Slovak language.

At both DC´s - in Senec and in Madunice too, the staff was trained not only from the ranks of the Quality Department, but also from the ranks of shift masters. Defibrillators are located in accessible places and are visibly marked. At the same time, both our workplaces are marked with a sticker with information about the equipment of the building with a defibrillator.

We are glad that we are taking our security on next level again, but at the same time we wish us to use these devices as little as possible!

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