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Unique cooperation

Unique cooperation

In recent days, we have been pleased with the pleasant news in the form of closing several monthly business negotiations with GeLiMa, a.s. GeLiMa, a.s., is a food company that is one of the four subsidiaries of the French group Weishardt holding, the fourth largest producer of gelatin in the world (

In Slovakia and in the wider vicinity of neighboring countries, the production profile of GeLiMa, a.s. is very unique and this makes all employees in the company experts in this food section.

With almost 200 years of market experience, the Weishardt Group is today one of the world's leading suppliers of high-quality gelatin of animal origin, and collagen animal origin. It also covers the supply of texturization systems for the food, beverage, nutrition, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as for technical use. With GeLiMa, a.s., it also owns 3 other production plants (in Canada and France), which together with their sales operations distribute gelatine to various parts of the world (sales offices in France, Spain, Japan, Poland, Hungary and Canada).

For GeLiMa, a.s. company, we will store basic raw materials in our frozen warehouse in Madunice at a temperature of -18 ° C and at the same time we will ensure their distribution to their plant in Liptovský Mikuláš.

The goal of GeLiMa, a.s. is to satisfy the most demanding customers by guaranteeing food safety and traceability. Our goal is to provide GeLiMa, a.s., services at a high level and to be their proud partner in business.

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