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For the first time, the organizers - colleagues from Hopi Holding - decided to combine our two traditional events to one. Namely, the 18th year of the HOPI CUP and the 4th year of the Hopi Best Driver competition. The weather was good for all competitors, but especially for cyclists who competed for the HOPI CUP on the 15km and 55km route. There were also several categories - children, women, men and also a non-competitive e-bike category. This year, HOPI SK wasn´t represented by any ridrer in the cycling competition. However, this cannot be said about the Hopi Best Driver competition, where we were represented by 6 drivers who advanced from the June regional round.

In the category of solo vehicles of the competition, 5 drivers left, two of them were our colleagues: Lukáš Bučka and Oliver Mikulička. In the category of trucks we saw 15 rides, among them Blšták brothers - Marcel and Matúš, Andrej Rusnák and Lukáš Blaško. In addition to our colleagues, drivers from the Czech Republic and Hungary also fought for participation in the finale.

The competition track was challenging and built equally for both categories. So everyone had the same conditions. Experienced drivers have proven their qualities when reversing around a barrel or between cones. They also dealt with dropping only one of the three prepared obstacles. The evaluation was versatile and very strict, also considering that all competitors are professional drivers. One finalist from each category emerged, with the final races running in parallel. The winner of the Hopi Best Driver competition was the Czech truck driver, Tomáš Plášil. In addition to the title, he also won the new Škoda Fabia. The second finalist was Robert Táborský, representing Czech drivers of solo vehicles. Robert took home a new e-bike.

In addition to our colleagues, several other HOPI SK employees traveled to the competition. By encouraging all competitors, they created a very pleasant atmosphere. During the competition rides of our boys, there was a feeling of adrenaline in the air and we were convinced that their qualities would be awarded on the podium. And we weren't wrong! Marcel Blšták took 3rd place in the category of trucks with his almost flawless ride. Oliver Mikulička took 3rd place in the solo vehicle category and Lukáš Bučka finished 2nd at the same category. Out of 6 awards, 3 went to Slovakia. We warmly congratulate all our colleagues for their performances and placements. We also thank our colleagues from Hopi Holding for organizing this event and we are already looking forward to the next year of Hopi Best Driver!

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