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Small distribution with HOPI SK

Small distribution with HOPI SK

Our management team has been working on a new project for a long time, which arose from the need to expand our services and approach customer needs. Nowdays, they have taken the trend of smaller orders, which need to be tied to collection points - ie small stores. The motto of the project "HOPI in every village" is characteristic. Our goal is to expand small/carton distribution throughout Slovakia.

Project preparation, information gathering, market research, business meetings with potential customers and similar necessary activities took more than a year. Since the new year, we have created and filled a new job position - Logistics Manager for Xdock and small distribution. Our experienced colleague Marek Nízky took up the position and at the same time a new challenge. Thanks to the great teamwork of colleagues from various departments, this project took on real contours within a few months. Since February 2021, we have been offering and providing the service to one client in western Slovakia. We are in the final negotiations with some other potential clients.

The new service also brings job certainty for our colleagues not only in warehouses, but also in transport. Nowdays, we consider this fact like a very positive signal towards our colleagues. We provide the carton distribution service in all temperature regimes (from dry, through chilled to frozen), at least 5 days a week. We provide it with internal transport - a fleet of new refrigerated vans, with controlled temperature, but also with an external transport company. The aim of carton distribution is to reduce the costs associated with the transport of goods of our customers to small shops. Customers will bring the goods to our pre-agreed DC and we will deliver them to all the necessary branches within our planned routes.

Our goal is to provide carton distribution from most of our DCs - Senec, Madunice, Ružomberok and Prešov. In the near future, we plan to open another Cross-docking center in central Slovakia. Each of these cities has its key location in the region and through them we achieve the motto: "HOPI in each village". Entrust the small distribution of your chilled and frozen goods to professionals and become a part of this project. Our colleagues Michal Hajkovský (Business Developer) and Marek Nízky (Logistics Manager) will be glad to help you find the right solution for your business.

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