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More Scania vehicles in our fleet

More Scania vehicles in our fleet

At the beginning of July, we expanded our truck fleet with five Scania P 250 and P 280 solo vehicles with Thermo King refrigerated Lamberet superstructures.

Scania P 250 vehicles are powered by a 7-liter engine with 250 hp and max. with a torque of 1,100 Nm, P 280 vehicles are also powered by a 7-liter unit with an output of 280 hp and a max. with a torque of 1,200 Nm. Both engines meet the Euro 6 emission standard. The vehicles are equipped with Lamberet superstructures with Thermo King T-800R refrigeration units with the Europe All Whisper function, which significantly reduces the noise of the unit operation. Thermo King technology using the new generation of R-452A refrigerants almost halves the impact on global warming, which builds on our company's efforts to protect the environment.

Environmental protection with Scania Ecolution

We have long declared our commitment to protecting the environment by using the Scania Ecolution program. We have been using the Scania Ecolution program basically since the beginning of our cooperation. Thanks to Scania Ecolution, we meet environmental aspects, reduce emissions and strive for sustainable transport.

Thanks to Scania Ecolution, the driver has immediate feedback directly on the dashboard on his driving style - how he drives or predicts how he brakes, how he works with gas and so on. For this, the system gives him a star rating, and within this, the drivers are quite competitive with each other, they like to compare their results and try to improve. So drive as ecologically as possible.

Complete Scania care

We use the complete service and assistance services of the Scania brand for our fleet. Our drivers thus have a complete service of the vehicle, they do not have to deal with any repairs. Even if a fault occurs, the vehicle will be parked at a Scania workshop anywhere in Slovakia. If it is outside Senec and repair is not possible to wait, they will receive a spare car with which they can be transported back to the base. Or if the vehicle gets a defect, the driver will only call the assistance service, who will come to the vehicle and repair the defect. This is a great help for drivers.

In this way, we want to meet the needs of our drivers too and make their demanding work easier. We are fully aware that the profession of driver is not an easy job. Our drivers normally unload 20 pallets of goods at 15 stops every day. This means that they have to stop 15 times, reverse 15 times, lower the forehead, unload the pallets, then lift the forehead up. Their day has 8 sometimes up to 10 hours, it is a demanding profession. We are grateful to them for this work, so we try to supply them with everything they need in vehicles. As well as services, so that the driver can only sit behind the wheel and drive. Our drivers prove their qualities on a daily basis and they undoubtedly deserve such services.

We wish you many happy miles, colleagues!

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